Early Childhood

Early Childhood Admissions

Swan River Montessori begins accepting enrollment applications for the Early Childhood Program upon return in January after winter break ends.  If you wish to apply for the 2018-2019 school year, applications will be accepted as of January 2, 2018. Families may choose to mail, fax, or drop off in person the application after this date. There is a $35.00 non-refundable registration fee that is due with the enrollment application. Applications will not be processed without this fee being paid.

Enrollment is completed by taking into consideration the child’s age, gender, and schedule preference to ensure equality and balance within each classroom.  Once enrollment capacity is reached, a waiting list is created. If a slot becomes available at any time before or during the school year, the School Director will call the first family on the waiting list and so forth until the slot is filled. Please note that while SRMCS generally keeps to the waiting list as it is formed, we reserve the right to fill any available slot with any student based on the make up of the classroom.

Early childhood families will be notified via mail of official enrollment after SRMCS holds its lottery for charter school enrollment. Please watch the web site or call our main office at (763) 271-7926 for this lottery date as it changes from year to year.

**IMPORTANT UPDATE: On January 19, 2017 the SRMCS Board of Directors voted to dissolve the half-day (morning-only) preschool scheduling option.  Beginning the fall of 2017, full-day (9:00-3:30) will be the sole scheduling option.

Click HERE to download the Early Childhood Application

Important Notes:

**ALL children enrolled in the fee-based Early Childhood program are required to be fully toilet trained.
**Enrollment applications only valid for one school year. If your family remains on the waiting list and you wish to enroll the following year, a new application must be submitted.
**Enrollment in the fee-based Early Childhood Program CANNOT, according to Minnesota law, guarantee admission to the Charter School Program(s).

School Tours

SRMCS offers tours of its facilities and programs on an individual basis for interested families.  Please contact Amy Jensen, the SRMCS Student Enrollment Coordinator, at 763-271-7926 or amyj@swanrivermontessori.org for more information and to schedule a private tour.

Note: Montessori philosophy believes in providing children a significant “normalization period” the first many weeks, sometimes months, of every school year.  Thus, with the exception of the teacher(s), adult presence is very limited in the classroom environments.  To support the importance of the normalization process, school tours are not available until December 1 of each school year.

Trial Period

The first 30 days of a child’s enrollment in the Early Childhood program are considered a trial period. Within those 30 days either the school or the parents may choose to withdraw the child from the program and all tuition payments will be prorated. In order to maintain an authentic Montessori environment that will allow all children to be successful, we retain the right to withdraw any student at any time. Before dismissal there would be an initial conference between the teacher and the parents to set up an action plan. After a time specified in the initial conference, the progress would be reviewed and a proper course of action would be determined.

Tuition Due Date

Full tuition is due on the 1st day of the month, unless prior arrangements have been made. Swan River Montessori Charter School reserves the right to assess a 10% charge on any past due balances. Any payment more than one month late, may result in the disenrollment of the child from the program. The Board of Directors reserves the right to pursue legal means to secure payments on delinquent accounts and further reserves the right to include any collection costs and attorney fees in the unpaid balance.

Should your family experience unusual and unpredictable financial hardships, please consult with the Early Childhood Coordinator and/or the School Director as soon as possible. It is the Board of Directors policy to make every effort to assist families to make arrangements for payments.

Non-Profit School

Swan River Montessori Charter School operates as a Minnesota non-profit corporation. All proceeds from the Early Childhood Children’s House Program are utilized to support the educational program, including teacher salaries, facilities upkeep, and utilities.

Click HERE download the Early Childhood Application

Swan River Montessori Children’s House Program welcomes students of any race, color, creed, religion, national or ethnic origin, disability, status with regard to public assistance, sex, and sexual orientation.